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The continued growth of the internet of things and connected devices (Gartner predicts a total of 20.4 billion connected things in use worldwide by 2020) has resulted in an exponential growth in data — with a promise to make appliances smarter, processes more efficient and life, in general, easier. While this massive generation and collection of data certainly have its benefits, easy access to data also comes with increased vulnerabilities — unsecured IoT devices pose serious risks to personal and corporate information.


SecureXperts technology approach to solving your vulnerabilities would be to apply our solution to your situation resolving the following three primary functional areas.


  1. The provable root of trust that the firmware has been code signed and proof of supply chain integrity and resistant against tampering and malicious code being injected into the device. 

  2. Deny the ability to share login credentials to PACS controllers

  3. Provable validation that the user is communicating (bound) to the right panel

  4. Provable validation that the PACS controllers (not the users) exchange secure credentials for both communications to other PACS controller and PIV identities and can revoke credentials and access from administrators and operators with high assurance other than active directory or system. 

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