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 SecureXperts develops security solutions that combine architectural, electronic and operational measures. SecureXperts experts integrate these solutions with current technology to arrive at an unobtrusive yet effective security program. We also monitor architectural projects to be sure your building’s security program is implemented correctly.

For existing buildings, this requires analysis of the structure’s vulnerabilities and implementation of upgrades. For buildings in the design phase, architects and developers must incorporate state of the art security systems into their plans. This provides tenants and structures with maximum protection in today’s high-risk world, our security system is designed to take full advantage of your building’s structural and interior design.

What We Do

SecureXperts' team of certified consultants and engineers work closely with your architects' and tenants to develop security programs and design security systems in new and existing structures.

Our specialists provide expert security planning, design and consulting services. We also help clients develop projects from conceptual design through implementation and ongoing management.

Planning & Design

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

  • Architectural security reviews

  • Security protection recommendations

  • Security system specifications

  • Budget estimation and cost analysis

  • Security master planning

Implementation & Testing

  •  System procurement assistance

  •  Installation inspections and coordination

  •  System testing 

  •  Benchmarking

Security Program Management

 24 X 7X 365 Services and Monitoring

  • Staffing studies and executive placement

  • Program development and training

  • Department outsourcing

  • Implementation audits

  • Instruction manual development

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