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SecureXperts provides your organization with a security assessment of your existing environment, a study of your existing security infrastructure and how it relates to your security goals for your business, a detailed gap analysis comparing your existing security infrastructure to your security goals, and recommended steps to implement in achieving your security goals. These may include products, policies and procedures, training, and revised organizational structure as it relates to security. The key deliverable provided from this project is to provide the customer with an overall security assessment and solution plan as a means to prevent major disruptions from internal threats to systems and data as well as improving overall security practices for the future.

SecureXperts can identify and address security issues and areas of improvement utilizing structured methodologies and best practices. Phased approaches are included that will review your current policies and environment related to security, determine your security goals for your organization, analyze current information system security, and define a security solution to develop a security plan, and management of that plan.

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