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A short video on how SecureXperts uses digital certificates to harden devices and protect data.

Taking Video Security to the next level with CHAVE™ (There is no sound)





CHAVE™ Technology


CHAVE™ stands for Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption. It is the next generation of  IP / HD Cameras that are designed to meet stringent US Federal standards for cybersecurity and are very resistant to cyber-attacks, data breach, and viewing from unauthorized parties. 


Nearly un-hackable encryption of video streams – even if adversary gets video data, without proper credentials, they cannot decrypt it. 



Competitive Matrix                                                                   CHAVE™ Enabled Cameras  -  Others 

No User Name / Password                                                                      Yes                                 No 

Unique Cryptographic Login                                                                   Yes                                 No 

Token-Based Active Directory Authentication                                       Yes                                 No 

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Cryptographic Module                              Yes                                 No 

Facilitates Use of Federally Trusted X.509 Digital Certificates              Yes                                 No 

Strong Authentication Via Smart Card                                                    Yes                                 No 

Metadata for Camera Geolocations                                                         Yes                                 No 

Token-Based Secure Real-Time Streaming Protocol                              Yes                                 No 

Encrypted                                                                                                   Yes                                 No


SXI Crypto SD


Technology Infrastructures Supported

􀁸 Mobile devices, workstations, servers, switch, firewalls

􀁸 Federally Trusted Certificate Authorities using FIPS 201-level 3 medium hardware security tokens

􀁸 Embedded Crypto API for network-connected devices (IoT) Management Systems

􀁸 Secure HSM Interface for physical Devices (Secure boot, firmware signing, authentication, encryption)

􀁸 Certificate Validation/Enrollment across federated systems (SCVP, OCSP)

􀁸 Enterprise Interconnectivity with disparate physical security systems (Federated AD, Azure, FedRAMP)

􀁸 Hashing and cyclical redundancy checks of digitally signed content











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