Address NASA Astronaut Memorial Foundation Bldg. M6-306

 Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

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Management Bios

Darnell Washington, CISSP



Mr. Darnell Washington is an industry-recognized thought leader, educator, and entrepreneur specializing in the development, design, and implementation of commercial and industrial technologies in cybersecurity, systems automation, and critical manufacturing.  He has worked with various commercial and government sectors and is actively involved in the development of next-generation technologies for cyber-physical systems network connected devices worldwide. 


Mr. Washington is an industry-recognized expert in the implementation of commercial security solutions for monitoring, identifying, and reporting on unauthorized activities in enterprise computing environments. As a seasoned professional, he has been involved in numerous high-level incidents and regularly advises the security community at large on supply chain security, insider threat management, emerging technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and blockchain ledger security platforms.


He has worked with Law Enforcement agencies and trained agents from police investigative agencies in Computer Emergency Response Teams (US-CERT) and conducted electronic search and seizure of financial fraud, ransomware, child exploitation, and deep and dark web cyber network defense. He holds the US Patent for his invention encrypted secure communications video product used by Law Enforcement known as Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption, (CHAVE).


He was granted a US Patent in July 2011  for a Secure remote Device to Device video monitoring  (Patent Number 7979692) enabling secure video applications that provide high assurance encryption and data protection technologies for Law Enforcement and public safety organizations.   This technology is currently being licensed to multinational corporations and evaluated by the US Federal Government using encryption standards capable of storing classified data up to the secret level.


Mr. Washington also has the provisional patent technology for detection of unauthorized digital copying and enforcement of licensing rights, of multimedia content.  At the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, He oversees threat intelligence platforms for the Maritime and Port Security, and the Music and Entertainment industry and is responsible for mitigation of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents related to digital rights management, intellectual property, and unauthorized disclosure of classified and proprietary information. 


In addition to designing and maintaining the physical security infrastructure for the Astronaut Memorial Foundation, he is actively involved in apprenticeship and student training programs geared toward education in Science Technology Engineering and Math programs.


Desiree Carter, CDPS

Exec. Vice President/COO


As a security principal overseeing operations for SecureXperts, Ms. Carter is a certified data protection specialist and a seasoned human resources professional with over 28 years of professional experience in government, enterprise commercial, medical, and other federally regulated industries.

Experience in managing technical writing for information security project teams covering a wide range of system certification and accreditation tasks such as ISO 17999, FIPS-199, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-37, HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP, and guidance from SANS, GIAC, and implementation of incident response, continuity of operations, configuration management, and continuous monitoring programs for high assurance information technology systems, networks, and mobile devices.


David Beckett

Industry Liaison/Special Projects


David has over 15 years’ experience in consulting, design, and implementation at a program level approach for special projects. Originating from Rochester, NY, David opened High Tech Security in Denver Colorado shortly after moving there in 2008. Being able to service the industry at its infancy he saw the effects of regulation at its early stages. 
David was the owner of Security Grade Protective Services LTD. and launched the electronics systems division into the "guard" company. Which developed into a full-service security firm with over $1.5 million in revenue in his first year. David designed and deployed the T.A.P. program. An eye on video surveillance platform engineered to provide better security coverage and verified law enforcement response. 

David was awarded the “20 Under 40” by Security System News. Partnering with the leader in cybersecurity, Darnell Washington and the SecureXperts Team, he plans on bringing new cyber technology to the special industries and market sector. Developing a process to protect logical and physical infrastructures on a single platform.


Andre Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

Aviv Tene

Corporate Counsel

Aviv Tene Corporate Counsel is responsible for corporate governance and all legal matters relevant to the corporation and identifying, assessing, and advising on obstacle removal unique to the physical security and entertainment industry, as well as facilitating and negotiating sound structure business terms and agreements. Mr. Tene has more than 20 years of experience with proficiencies in International Law, Organizational Operations, Aviation Consulting, and Counter-Terrorism.  A seasoned Contract Operations Executive and Legal counsel he has managed the security and systems for a varied number of high profile NFL events and entertainment venues concerts including Beyonce Knowles and Superbowl 50 at Levi Stadium.

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